Just Decide To Succeed


Just decide that you will succeed. Just decide, know in your heart and make sure that happens, and then the universe will get out of your way.

Don’t be realistic. Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity. No one ever became successful from being realistic. Its not realistic to fly between countries in a metal box but the Wright brothers didn’t care about that. Its definitely not realistic to colonise mars or overturn the oil industry with eliectric cars, but we’re all happy Elon Musk didn’t care about that. Being realistic never helped anybody do anything, except to forget their dreams and stay at home and accept crap. So if you feel life is getting you down and you’re just a lonesome dumpster rental, get a hold of yourself! You will rent out the best skip bin Newcastle has ever seen!

successYou have to know why you are alive, and fight for that. Don’t just be inspired on one day and then slack off and watch telly the next. You need a work ethic that will get you to the place you need to be. You cannot be successful simply by being born awesome – no matter what advantage you have by birth, you need to work at it or it will go to waste. You need to grind while others goof off. You need to hustle while others muck around. Work like the very survival of your family depends on it – and if thats your business, then that may be closer to the truth than you realise.

Get Online Triple Quick


website-buildGet your name out there! Having a pretty website up and running is absolutely vital to your marketing. Even if you don’t have it ranking for any target keywords, its still important to have so you can refer someone to a URL. People who are interested in your goods or services are going to want to check out your website for information to see what your company is like, and if there is no website, thats a sure sign that they should keep on looking somewhere else. So its not necessarily an issue if your website doesn’t have a lot of traffic, as long as you can hand out business cards with a URL for your business website, that should be enough.

However that is the bare minimum, if you could rank your site on Google or get traffic through other means, thats even better. Check out Big Think Affordable Web Design for some great options that can help you get started, they’ll whip up a great website optimised for conversions and they’ll get it ranking on Google for you too.

It may also be worth considering paid advertising. At the moment Facebook ads and Youtube ads are a lot cheaper than solo ads (email list ads) and Google Adwords, which have become mainstream and have a competitive price. If you can make a nice looking video ranking on Youtube and buy a few YT ads for it too that would make all the difference in your marketing. Just be sure to include a link to your website and a strong call to action to visit your website at the end of the video.


Do Something Useful Dammit


If you want to be succesful in life than you’re going to have to do more than dream about it. Dreaming isn’t bad if it motivates you to take action, but in and of itself its not enough. Its like, if you don’t dream, you just wash dishes and sweep the floor for minimum wage, and if you do dream, you wash the dishes and sweep the floor but you’re less satisfied. Take action!

An internet café is pretty much a digital opium den, where entrepreneurial spirits go to die

If you’re always hanging out at websites like then you’re a bum. There’s a reason why they called that site that, its because the games are addicting, and those who play are addicts. Like drug-abusers. The internet cafés of today are like the opium dens of yesterday. Same result. The internet is full of distractions like that too, just check out my Tumblr blog.

So go out there and start! Spend a little time learning some skills but don’t be a skill-hoarder, always learning but never actually doing. Learn a little and then take that little thing and take action on it. For example if you learn how to make a wordpress site, go out there and get web design clients! Don’t spend forever researching about how to do the next programming language or whatever, make money now, and learn more skills when you plateau and you’re ready to expand. ACTION, baby. Thats how life works.

Speaking of babies, you know how they learn to walk, right? Did they sit around dreaming about how cool it would be to be mobile, to get from place to place without their parents help? They might of, dunno. Most people wouldn’t remember that far back enough to tell you. Did they watch tutorial videos about how to walk? Pretty much nobody does that with their kids. Did their parents encourage them and cheer them on? Hell yes. But what really causes so many people to learn to walk? Everyone learns to walk eventually unless their legs are damaged. Its because they WORK AT IT, yo. They keep trying, persistently. They fall over and cry to their mom, and thats okay (they’re only a few months old) but they stop crying and they keep trying. Babies inspire me.

TOKNOK: Insights of an Entrepreneurial Nutcase

Jay Z Performs At O2 Arena In London

Rags to riches stories always sound great, but sub-consciously you’re always thinking they’re for other people, a higher grade of people. Guys like Jay-Z come from a dark background but even as you’re hearing his story about how he grew up in the slums, you’re still thinking he was famous Mr Jay-Z, even before his success. But he wasn’t. He was about as much Jay-Z as you were Jay-Z, but he decided to become Jay-Z and then he started to become famous. Before then he was just a guy who liked music, no different from the next guy.

jay-z-time1But this isn’t about rappers! Its about you, G, and your future rags-to-riches story. You have to open your mind to the idea that its possible before it can be done. No matter how plausible something actually is, if you don’t believe it, it won’t happen. So you gotta believe it first, then do something about it.

So thats what this blog is about, yo! Get it in your head that you gonna be a star. Not necessarily famous, not necessarily a musician, but a rockstar in your own field. Start your own advertising company and become the best marketing agency NZ has ever seen. Start an SEO company and be a rockstar to your clients so they tell all their friends how awesome your services are. Become a rockstar web designer and charge several grand for a few hours work. Booyah baby! It can be done, man, you just gotta believe.

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