On Framing 18th Century British Oil Paintings

Every painting the fine art dealer London Academy Fine Printings offers is presented in sympathetic vintage or antique frames. The greatest British and European frames from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries are essentially masterpieces of their own. The right frame is needed to perfectly complement your art dealer online purchase. Whether you buy a watercolor or an oil painting, it needs to be framed properly.

AFP endeavor to sell their paintings in their original frames, after restoring them to a fitting condition before the sale. If the frame can’t be repaired for whatever reason, then this fine art dealer London will source a suitable antique or vintage replacement from one of the very best private collections or galleries in the country. Art traders can also expect information and advice on framing, including finding suitable replacement frames for any paintings they already own.

Hanging Fine Art

Not sure how and where your picture should be changed? Or are you just worried about damaging the 18th-century British oil paintings in question? If that sounds like you, then AFP can help if you live in the south of England. They have a connection to a specialist picture hanger that has been displaying and presenting paintings safely for over 30 years. After all; what’s the point in going to all that effort to get a fine painting if you don’t display it properly?

Restoring Oil Paintings

While some people use the terms interchangeably, conservation is preserving art and preventing deterioration, while restoration is repairing and renovating oil paintings to bring them to something resembling their original condition. Whether conserving or restoring a painting, it must always be reversible, sympathetic, and performed by professionals.

Every oil painting will naturally wear down thanks to their environment. Oil paintings may split, rot, warp, crack, blister, flake, cup, blanch, darken or even disappear under ancient varnish. Extreme temperatures, mechanical damage, and water intrusion can damage the paint on the canvas and the wooden panel of the painting.

Because oil paintings are typically displayed without any glass to protect them from the outside world (and this is how they should be displayed) they are constantly exposed to pollutants including smoke and dust. Everything that can damage your walls can also damage the paintings on those walls, including temperature and damp. Oil paintings are protected by a layer of varnish, but even this varnish yellows over time and has to be stripped away and replaced.

Retouching a painting (or “inpainting” as they say in the States – is when missing areas of paint are replaced in a manner that blends the new paint with the old without painting over the undamaged areas. The process is so sophisticated that a professional restorer can make the new paint look aged so no one can tell the painting has been retouched.

Purchase Your 18th and 19th Century British Oil Paintings

Take a look through the collection of this art dealer online and see what catches your fancy. Remember that investing in art isn’t always a smart plan. It’s much better to find something that you enjoy looking at and would be proud to display in your home. Also, consider having the 18th-century British oil paintings you already own retouched and restored to their former glory.

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