The Advantages of Laser Cutting and Engraving

There are a number of advantages to laser cutting including:

  • A wide range of materials

Laser engraving can be done on just about every material you can think of. While wood, metal, and plastic are some of the most common options, ceramics, foams, and more are also suitable for the process. If you have a material and a design in mind, there’s a good chance it can be engraved.

  • Fine Details

It doesn’t matter how precise your design needs to be as the laser engraving process is capable of very fine details. Even letters as small as 1mm are clearly defined on laser engraved materials. The process is ideal for any kind of artwork or design.

  • Works with Delicate Materials

Laser engraving is for more than just wood and metal, it also works great with delicate materials such as paper and fabric. There’s no need to hold the material down for the process.

  • Engrave Anything You Need

You can use laser engraving to engrave text, images, and graphics onto the surface of just about anything.

  • Low Costs and Fast Turnaround Times

One of the best things about laser engraving is that it offers the fastest turnaround times and the lowest costs of any manufacturing process; especially for one-offs. There’s barely any setup time at all to laser engraving, which is the reason the process is so fast. Just load up the material and the design, and away you go.

  • Customise Individual Parts

With laser engraving, you can customise each individual section of the material, allowing you to customise each section.

  • Create Stencils

Not only can you use laser engraving to create signs and similar products, you can use it to create stencils that can be used for graphics and decals.

Limitations of Laser Engraving

As great as laser engraving is, there are also some limitations. It’s not a perfect process after all.

  • Not Suited for Thick Materials

While laser cutting can be done to any size object, it is best performed on materials less than 30mm thick. The thinner the material, the better.

  • Material Needs to be as Flat as Possible

One major limitation of laser engraving is that the area being engraved or cut must be as flat or round as possible. A good company can overcome this limitation, but it’s best to avoid having to do so in the first place. Use flat materials whenever you can.

  • Not All Materials can be Cut or Engraved

Materials such as glass, ceramic, and stone can’t be cut properly but they do look great engraved. If you need to have these materials cut, then it can be done. It just can’t be done with a laser and may be more expensive. PVC is also not suited to laser cutting or engraving because it releases toxic/corrosive gasses.

  • Charring/Discoloration

Laser engraving and cutting can cause discoloration or charring to the edges of the material being used, but the good news is thatDot this discoloration rarely spreads to the face of the material.

About Dot Laser

Dot Laser was originally founded to provide customers with a great quality laser cutting and engraving service alongside design service offers. Dot Laser has spent time working on some very large and complex projects, as well as smaller projects on an individual level. Dot Laser offer a range of different laser cut materials ready for the printer. Dot Laser laser cutting London offers competitive prices and online payment systems, as well as next day delivery.

Dot Laser are dedicated to providing customer service, high quality laser cutting and engraving, and delivering quickly and effectively. Laser engraving is so quick that Dot Laser charge per minute of machine use. Some orders can be completed with an hour.

Get Laser Engraved Products Today

Laser engraved products can be used for any purpose. On an individual level they can be used for simple decorations and nameplates. On a more industrial level, they can be used for branding. Create stencils to spread the name of your brand, or create your own branded products to sell. Work with a qualified London engraving company such as Dot Laser to get the results you need!

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